Undergraduate and Graduate scholarships in UK 2021.

As a student, the reason you should choose the University of Lincoln is because it’s in a small, safe city and you would love to be a part of a small cohort of students. The programme will offer you the tools to get a job in any aspect of your field in either private companies or large organizations across any industry where personal responsibility is necessary. There degree is technical with good employability prospect

About Undergraduate and graduate scholarships in University of Lincoln, UK:

For high achieving students, Undergraduate and Postgraduate who demonstrate academic, extracurricular and personal endeavor within their application.

Brief Description:

  • Location: UK
  • Host institute: University of Lincoln
  • Program type: Scholarship
  • Program level: Undergraduate and postgraduate
  • Deadline: 1st December 2021

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Applicants must be seeking refuge in the united kingdom.
  2. Applicants who have applied for and are selected into an undergraduate degree in the university are eligible to apply.
  3. Applicants who is an international students directly entering into year two or a final year Top-up course
  4. Post graduate Applicant with a minimum GPA in Bachelors Degree of a 2:2 equivalent automatic scholarship

Full Scholarship in UK covers:

  • Students joining year 1 of an undergraduate degree.
  • Lincoln Students Managed Investment Fund – LSMIF aims of giving students the opportunity to gain practical and real-world experience in investment experience in investment management alongside their studies
  • £2,000 Global undergraduate Scholarship
  • £2,000 Top-up Scholarship
  • £5,000 Africa Scholarships

Available fields of study:

  1. MBA
  2. Associate of arts
  3. Bachelors in business communication
  4. Bachelors of commerce
  5. MSc Engineering Management

Available fields of study for 3rd class to support passionate students:

  1. MSc International Hospitality Management / with professional practice
  2. MSc Crisis and Disaster Management
  3. MSc Events Management
  4. MSc International Business
  5. MSc Engineering management
  6. MSc International Tourism Management / with Professional practice
  7. MSc Logistics and Global Operations
  8. MSc Management
  9. MSc Management and International relations
  10. MSc Marketing with Luxury Brands
  11. MSc Tourism and Marketing.

Masters programmes work placement

  • MSc Management – 1 year
  • MSc Marketing – 1 year
  • MSc Accounting and finance – 1 year
  • MSc International Tourism management – 1 year Work placement
  • MSc Engineering Management – 8 monmths work placement
  • MSc Agri-food Technology

Required Documents:

  1. WAEC result and official WAEC certificate

2. Copy of international Passport

3. CV

5. 250 words of personal statement – stating why you want to study the course and how it will be of benefit to you; stating your pre-requisite experience of the course, career prospect and why you will return to Nigeria or your country

6. Completed student information form (request for it)

7. Official Copy of transcript 


Wednesday, 17th December 2021 is the last date to apply

50% Global Scholarship:

  • Round 1 : Friday 12 March 2021
  • Round 2 : Friday 11 June 2021
  • Round 3 : Thursday 12 August 2021

How to Apply:

There is an Online Application form you request for it on


SOS International Education Consulting

97 Lagos Road, Aruna Bus Stop,

Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria.

Tel: +2348057890106

Email: iec.enquiry@gmail.com

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