Collège Universel – Gatineau Campus is an inspiring environment and a great place to study at Canada. Senior management and the teaching and administrative staff all work toward the same goal: promote people and knowledge. We chose to provide you with quality education that respects a system of values to which the entire college community complies. Learn more about the College’s approach and take part in the movement that makes the campus a pleasant and respectful place.

Studying at Collège Universel means learning while having fun and being rigorous. Attendance, perseverance and performance in class are synonymous with success for all students attending our school.We are proud to have implemented educational practices and methods that have motivated our students, met their expectations and fostered their success over the years. Management and the teaching staff are always proactive about the best educational practices to keep our academic methods abreast of the collegiate sector.

At Collège Universel, we promote a living environment in which everyone is accepted, a multicultural environment that welcomes students from the region, from Quebec, from Canada and the world. Open-mindedness, discovering others and appreciating differences are part of the life experience at the College.We try to raise students’ awareness of our world’s contemporary challenges. We want to help them develop their social responsibility and guide them toward making ethical decisions. We train the actors of tomorrow’s world. We are aware and proud of it!


  • Excellence to surpass ourselves
  • Support to better succeed
  • Rigour in the pleasure of learning
  • Educational practices that meet high quality standards
  • Openness to others and the world
  • Promoting social responsibility and ethical behaviours

Why choose our college for your study project in Canada?

Quebec provides students with an efficient and unique college system that leads to a State diploma whose quality is recognized: the College Diploma or DEC.

Depending on your study project, you can get ready for university after two years of pre-university studies or find a job after three years of technical studies that will help you acquire strong skills. Studying in Quebec also means evolving in a warm and welcoming society and living in an open and safe environment.

Choosing our College is being part of the only bilingual establishment in Outaouais; all of our study programs are offered in French and English. Each year, many students from outside of Canada join Collège Universel’s great community.

You allow our private international institution to build a beautiful multicultural mosaic fostering openness to others and the world. The College is renowned among foreign students for offering high quality training programs, a friendly living environment and all the resources needed to make your integration in Quebec a success.

Being part of our College is studying in Outaouais, in the greater National Capital Region, close to Ottawa and Ontario. You will get to live in the beautiful city of Gatineau, which has managed to stand out from other Quebec and Canadian cities through its Francophone character, its high level of bilingualism and its population that is strongly impregnated by the multiple cultures that shape it.

Details of offer:

  • Location: Gatineau, Canada
  • Host institute: Collège Universel – Gatineau
  • Tuition Fee: $6500 yr1
  • Program level: Undergraduate

Required Documents

1. WAEC result

2. Copy of international Passport

3. CV

4. A copy of your high school, college and / or university transcripts

5. 250 words of personal statement – stating why you want to study the course and how it will be of benefit to you; stating your pre-requisite experience of the course, career prospect and why you will return to Nigeria or your country

6. Completed student information form (request for it) 

How to Apply

There is an Online Application form you request for it on

SOS International Education Consulting

97 Lagos Road, Aruna Bus Stop,

Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria.

Tel: +2348057890106

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