How about combining affordability with a high quality education in the heart of Europe? Yes, it is possible! Study Civil Engineering in Italy with Politecnico di Milano! If you want to study Civil Engineering, you’ve just found the perfect opportunity: Politecnico di Milano, the top 20 technical university in the world, offers 3-year Civil Engineering Bachelor program

Politecnico di Milano offers study programmes at all levels (bachelor, master of science, specializing masters and postgraduate programmes, Ph.D.) in Architecture, Design and Engineering. You can also find: high-level training courses (high-level and specialization schools, honours programmes); a wide range of MOOCs, online courses free and open to everybody, available at the Polimi Open Knowledge website; for current students, “Passion in Action” catalogue (open participation teaching activities) and language courses.


Civil Engineering is a discipline that deals with the planning, design, construction, assessment, monitoring, maintenance and management of structures and infrastructures, including buildings, bridges, tunnels, dams, sewerage systems, pipelines, roads, railways, harbours, airports, and other engineering works that play a fundamental role for the economic growth and sustainable development of the modern society and resilient communities.

The Bachelor programme (BSc) in Civil Engineering aims at providing future professionals with sound theoretical principles of mathematics, physics, chemistry and computer science, together with the fundamentals of the core subjects of Civil Engineering (including surveying, mechanics of fluids, solids, soils and structures, hydraulic engineering works, transportation infrastructures).

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Career Opportunities

Graduates can operate as self-employed professionals, or as employees in public administration or private companies dealing with problems of civil, building and environmental engineering involving soils, structures, transports, hydraulics, civil protection and surveying. They can act as designers or managers.

Top Reasons you should attend politecnico di milano : ITALY

  • Top 10 European Technical University
  • Top 20 World Technical University
  • 6728 International students from 100 Countries

Details of offer

The Bachelor program in Civil Engineering is taught in English, and has a total tuition cost of approx. EUR 3800 for the complete 3-year program.

Possible further education

Provided that their final grade is above a given threshold, graduates in Civil Engineering can enrol in one of the following two-year Master of Sciences (MSc) Degree Programmes offered at Politecnico: Civil Engineering, Civil Engineering for Risk Mitigation, or Management of Built Environment. Upon evaluation of their curriculum, graduates in Civil Engineering can also enrol to other Master of Science programmes, or 1st level Specializing Masters.

Required Documents

1. O’level result (original result)

2. Copy of international Passport

3. CV

4. A copy of your high school, college and / or university transcripts

5. 250 words of personal statement – stating why you want to study the course and how it will be of benefit to you; stating your pre-requisite experience of the course, career prospect and why you will return to Nigeria or your country

6. Completed student information form (request for it)       

How to Apply

If you would like to apply to Politecino di milano, you will need to complete an application form and submit the relevant documentation. You can either apply through our local education agent

Contact our local education agent:

SOS International Education Consulting

97 Lagos Road, Aruna Bus Stop,

Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria.Tel: +2348057890106


Visit the website below and register to provide your necessary information and document

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