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As an international student, choosing Cape Breton University (CBU) for your education is the first step on your journey toward an exciting future, Therefore We offer many different course options, from undergraduate or graduate programs, to online education and Pre-professional courses, you’ll have no trouble pursuing your passions the way it’s right for you. maximum age for applicant is 25/26 and also must have minimum of 2.2

As a student today, you’re living a vibrant, dynamic and exciting life, and at Cape Breton University (CBU) that’s exactly what we want for you. Here, you will be inspired, encouraged and supported, allowing you to excel in both your academic and personal journeys alongside our community of more than 5,000 hardworking students

At Cape Breton University, we push the boundaries of innovation and thought leadership to create a global academic experience and build a sustainable future for our island.

Surrounded by pristine natural landscape, vibrant culture, and welcoming communities, Cape Breton University (CBU) is home to nearly 5,500 students from more than 40 countries around the world.

We are committed to the future of Cape Breton Island, innovative economic development and sustainability programs, and Indigenous learning leadership.

CBU offers a comprehensive set of liberal arts, science, business, health and professional programs on the first energy self-sufficient campus in North America.

As a university that is dedicated to excellence in teaching and learning, CBU provides students with the advantage of outstanding experiential learning and undergraduate research opportunities in a supportive academic environment.

Our programs, in diverse fields of study, consistently rank well above the national averages in faculty-student interaction and service learning.

Our people, our cultures, and our strong sense of community make Cape Breton University a special place.

Excellence to surpass ourselves

Support to better success

Rigour in the pleasure of learning

Educational practices that meet high quality standards

Openness to others and the world

Promoting social responsibility and ethical behaviors’

Details of offer:

  • Location: Canada.
  • Host institute: Cape breton university.
  • Tuition Fees:$18,515.00
  • Program level: Undergraduate
  • University type: Public
cape breton

Fields of Study

  • Arts,
  • Social Sciences & Culture Business
  • Education
  • Engineering & Technology
  • Health & Well-Being
  • Nursing Sciences


Contact sosiec if you wish us to hold a spot for you as a student. We are always happy to help!

There is an Online Application form you request for it on or fill the Enquiry form


SOS International Education Consulting

97 Lagos Road, Aruna Bus Stop,

Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria.

Tel: +2348057890106

Required Documents

1. Original copy of your O’level result

2. Copy of international Passport

3. CV

4. A copy of your high school, college and / or university transcripts

5. 250 words of personal statement – stating why you want to study the course and how it will be of benefit to you; stating your pre-requisite experience of the course, career prospect and why you will return to Nigeria or your country

6. Completed student information form (request for it) 

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