The University of Pécs with its 20 000 students, with more than 4 500 international students, with 1 400 lecturers and researchers, with its 10 faculties is one of the largest higher education institutions in Hungary and the centre of knowledge within the Transdanubian region. Its roots date back to 1367.

The University of Pécs has been offering full study programs taught in English for 35 years and in German for 10 years. Year by year an increasing number of international students and researchers come from over 80 countries to the University to study and conduct research. Currently more than 4,500 international students are studying at the University. A great number of partnerships have been maintained through inter-university agreements and various international and regional university networks.

The UP ​​represents classical values, while the challenges of present and future times are being adapted successfully as well. Covering a wide range of educational areas, it reaches out far beyond the city of Pécs. The UP operates an independent faculty in Szekszárd and runs significant training programmes in the towns of Kaposvár, Szombathely and Zalaegerszeg and even abroad in Zombor.


One of the main strategic goals of the University of Pécs is to create and invigorate a truly international university. We continuously strive to facilitate high-value opportunities for lecturers and students to conduct research and obtain higher education experiences in international environments all over the world. Our objective is to expand student and staff mobility, develop and enhance international teaching and research partnerships.

We are also committed to providing an international environment within the university by enrolling an increasing number of international students and inviting international lecturers who help co-create partnerships without borders.

With its ten Faculties the University of Pécs plays a significant role in Hungarian Higher Education and has an international reputation for the quality of its research and teaching. The University offers a wide range of degree programs in the framework of international education and training, ensuring high-level knowledge-transfer and research. With 20,000 students and nearly 2,000 teaching and research staff, the impact of the University extends well beyond the borders of the city.

Our goal

 Providing training on every level that is of high quality and responds to the market demands, based on which students name our university as their first choice among the higher education institutions.

For this purpose:

  • We measure and improve our students’ satisfaction.
  • We strive to provide our graduates knowledge that meets the job market demands.
  • We apply innovative and practice-focused educational methods.
  • We enhance our students’ learning experience by constantly developing the education methodology.
  • We involve our students in the decisions affecting them.
  • We increase the number of foreign students with the help of our foreign language educational programs.
  • We keep strong relations with our alumni.


International programs have been steadily increasing over the years at the University of Pécs. At present the University offers 80+ different degree programs and preparatory courses mainly taught in English or in German. International students can pursue their studies at the Bachelor’s level (BA, BSc), the Master’s level (MA, MSc) and the Doctoral level (PhD, DLA). Having a good proportion of international students on our campuses offers the local students the opportunity to open up to the world. In partnership with 50 institutions worldwide, the University also participates in exchange and mobility schemes that offer students and teachers a challenging and exciting international experience, providing them with new perspectives and an understanding of different cultures.


  • Faculty of Business and Economics
  • Faculty of cultural sciences, Education and regional development
  • Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology
  • Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Music visual and Arts
  • Faculty of pharmacy
  • Faculty of Science
  • Medical School

Activities of the International Centre

The University of Pécs comprises ten Faculties, and international relations are handled at both University and Faculty level. The IC – International Centre – acts as an umbrella organization: it represents the University of Pécs abroad and co-ordinates overall international relations and interaction with our various international partners.  The IC also supports the internationalization efforts of our individual Faculties and works closely with the faculty international co-ordinators. The IC is active in the following major areas:

  • Inter-university agreements  
    • These agreements apply to both student and staff mobility and to other forms of collaboration. Given appropriate mutual interest, we are happy to expand our inter-university network and collaborate with other prestigious universities worldwide
  • Recruiting for international degree programmes
    • The IC actively supports the faculties in their efforts to recruit for their various international degree programmes. The IC undertakes market research, keeps contact with recruitment agencies and is responsible for marketing communication related to student recruitment at university level. The IC recognises the importance of developing services for international students.
  • Mobility programmes
    • The university actively participates in various mobility programmes such as Erasmus+, Campus Mundy, CEEPUS, and Erasmus Credit Mobility. Institutional coordination of these programmes are handled by the IC.
  • Scholarship Counselling
    • We pay special attention to informing both students and members of our teaching and administrative staff about the available scholarship opportunities abroad.
  • Participation in international organizations
    • International university networks and organisations play a key role in the exchange of ‘Best Practice’ and the creation of new partnerships. The university, therefore, is active in a number of major international organisations. In the past the University has hosted annual conferences of the Alps-Adriatic Rectors’ Conference, the Danube Rectors’ Conference, the Compostela Group, the University Network of European Capitals of Culture and AUDEM (the Alliance of Universities for Democracy).

 Our Fundamental Values

  • Our values in the field of education, research and medicine are built on the university’s 650 years old tradition that is capable of the continuous renewal.
  • Expertise in what we do to provide opportunities for our colleagues, students and partners to develop their talents.
  • We are committed to the ambitious, inspiring and friendly educational and work circumstances providing positive experience.
  • We value our colleagues, students, patients and partners.
  • We constantly aspire to improve student satisfaction.
  • We are closely connected with our environment, for the sake of promoting creativity and improving the social effect of the university we aim to keep a close and sustainable relation both on individual and organizational level.
  • We appreciate diversity and its expression in identity, faith and worldview that contributes to the unique, creative work and studying environment.
  • We believe that the use of modern technology supports us in achieving our goals.
  • The university is an integral part of the local community building relations with individuals and organizations to promote knowledge and creativity.
  • We uniquely integrate the entrepreneur mentality into our everyday activities (from the idea to the execution).
  • We believe that our colleagues, students and partners are able to make responsible and independent decisions.
  • We pursue our activities in eco-conscious and sustainable ways.


  • First university in Hungary
  • Over 650 years of tradition
  • Leading 2,5 % of international higher education institutions worldwide
  • Over 30 years of experience in international education

Details of offer:

  • Location: Hungary
  • Host institute: University of Pécs international college
  • Tuition Fees:3,000-3,800 Euro
  • Program level: Undergraduate and  Graduate
  • University type: Public


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